Jul 21, 2000 - Aug 07, 2000
@1a space

Participating Artists﹕Kary Kwok, Hiram To and the VC+KH Tean (Vera Chan & Cheung King)

Inspired by the Louis Malle Film Damage, the visual arts presentation by Kary Kwok, Hiram To and the VC+KH Tean (Vera Chan & Cheung King Hung) stands in the intersection of play and critique of Hong Kong’s art and cultural plight.


Allen Tao The Linear Space -Kinetic Art by Allen Tao

Aug 05, 2000 - Aug 23, 2000

@1a space

Curator﹕ May Fung 
Participating Artist﹕ Allen Tao (Tao Ya-lun)

In 2000, 1a launched the first residency program with Taiwan artist Allen Tao (Tao Ya-lun). Tao has been utilizing mechanical devises to create his work, exploring the sensory realm of human emotions and desire with a dispassionate critical focus.

During his residency, the artist hosted exhibition, dialogue with Hong Kong artworkers and workshops. The Linear Space, showing some of his latest work, was Tao’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. In his workshops, he has created a kinetic installation with the participants. Tao has also visited education institutions and sharing his experiences with the students.

Allen Tao was born in 1966 in Taipei and received his MFA from the Institute of Plastic Art at the Tainan National College of The Arts in 1999. He has participated several exchange projects between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has taken part in residency programs of Headland Center for the Arts, US and Dimension Ensownment of Art, Taipei. He is a recipient of Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Fellowsh


Cities in Amnesia

Nov 04, 2000 - Nov 30, 2000

@1a space

Participating Artists﹕Michael Lin Ming-Hong, Leung Po Shan, Maix Mayer, Remy Markowitch

Four artists -- Remy Markowitch (Switzerland), Maix Mayer (Berlin), Michael Lin Ming-Hong(Taipei) and Leung Po Shan (Hong Kong) -- transformed their interpretation of city and memory into artwork.
Cities in Amnesia, organized by 1aspace of Hong Kong in collaboration with Galerie Eigen+Art of Berlin, is part of Festival of Vision: Berlin in Hong Kong, a large-scale cultural exchange project aiming at long-term relations between European and Asian art institutions and artists.
In conjunction with the exhibition Cities in Amnesia, one of the artists Maix Mayer stayed in Hong Kong for three weeks and has conducted a series of research in Hong Kong urban life with the initiation of 1aspace.


flash! 2000

Nov 26, 2000 - Dec 27, 2000

@1a space

Curator﹕ Ip Yuk Yiu  
Participating Artists﹕ Bell Hui+Josephine Chan, Agnes Chan, Phil Shek and Tripp Ip 

flash! series was started in 1999 as a continuous effort to present emerging artists. With the understanding that the nurture of artistic talents should be long-term, the project is designed as a regular one.


flash! 2000 extended the space issue discussed in justaspace. Four artist units -- Josephine Chan+Bell Hui, Phil Shek, Agnes Chan and Tripp Ip -- created time- and space-specific works in a city context. The works also called into question the issue of public / art. 


Behind the Eyeballs - Non-Visual Exhibition

29.12.2000 - 18.01.2001

@1a space

Curator﹕ Choi Yan Chi, Irene Ngan, and Luke Ching 

Participating Artists﹕Jaffa Lam, Lam Wai Kit, Robert Loh, Ricky Tse, Kacey Wong and Cecilia Yau


You hear, you touch, you feel, you ask -- you can simply close your eyes...


Behind The Eyeballs is a collaboration between artists Jaffa Lam, Lam Wai Kit, Robert Loh, Ricky Tse, Kacey Wong, Cecilia Yau and curators Choi Yan Chi, Irene Ngan, and Luke Ching. The audience are blind-folded to re-reinterpret what “visual” art can mean. The project attempts to start from non-visual aspect of art and eventually to expand the rhetoric of creativity and exhibition. Guided tours were organized for public and visually impaired groups and schools.

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1a space, founded in 1998, is an independent, non-profit making contemporary art space founded by a collective of Hong Kong artworkers. 1a space presented more than 160 contemporary art exhibition in Hong Kong over two decades.