Dec 21, 2002 - Jan 10, 2003

@1a space


Curator: Choi Yan Chi 

Participating Artists﹕Ivy Ma, Mark Chiu, Francis Wong and Katherin Lai


The battles between “meat” and “lust”.


The longings between “meat” and “lust”.


What modern people lust for is not purely the satisfaction from a piece of meat.

The smell of meat from the butchers at Ma Tau Kok Road into Kwa Wan is a reminiscence of the long gone memory left at Cattle Depot Artist Village, contrasting yet memorable. This exhibition begins with a piece of “meat” to let people contemplate their desires for “lust” and “spiritual being”.


The pursuit of desire, conspicuous in modern societies, resembles the mode of consumption. Amid the cycle of need, purchase and consumption, we acquire different levels of satisfaction and recreate during the process. Over-consumption, however, can only lead to our mind being lost and vitality being worn out.


This exhibition is about four local artists who, making use of the interfaces of life experience and mass consumption culture, try to demonstrate the longing and inner struggle between “meat” and “lust” of modern people whose lives being imminent yet practical and alienated yet empty, in a platform like Cattle Depot Artist Village where time and space can be mingled, reversed and compatible.


The medium of creation: video, mixed media installation



Ivy Ma is an artist who has returned to Hong Kong from England. Sha groups together different objects of fragmentary and fragile textures. And these groups formed by material and space, have caused a great sensation. Ivy's artwork seeks to reveal the environment and sensuous elements of the city.


Mark Chiu is a designer. He likes Hong Kong's ephemerality and motion, "red-blue-white" striped travel bags, punk hairstyles, Hong Kong style cafes. These are all generated by cityfolk, and very familiar to us. It is an opportunity to rediscover our identity.


Francis Wong works in stage production. He loves to work on a big scale. Using masquerade and masks in his installation works, he groups together bodies, other materials and body parts together. His installations show the horror or absurdity of the cloned humans and animals. They are exaggerative and uneasy.


Katherine Lai is also a designer. The theme of Meat was originally proposed her. As 1aspace is a slaughter house, this inspired her to create an artwork on the relation between cattle and meat, and meat and desire in constructing her, and other artists's perceptions of this city.





April 20, 2003 - May11, 2003

@1a space



Curator: May Fung

Artists: Yueng Tong Lung & Tsang Chui Mei



For this series of Corner of Dialogue, 1aspace has invited two local painters Yeung Tong Lung and Tsang Chui Mei, Yueng being a veteran painter Tsang a young and upcoming painter to have a discourse through their paintings. Both are working hard with this particular medium and genuinely looking for their ‘self’.


Un Double

Jun 27, 2003 - Jul 19, 2003

@1a space

Curators﹕ Lam Hiu Tung & Tam Wai Ping, Lukas
Participating Artists﹕Lam Hiu Tung & Tam Wai Ping, Lukas

One artist; Two roles.

Professional art curator is rare in Hong Kong. Some artists will become art curator after couple years of experiences in the field.

It is the 1aspace pleasure to invite two artists, Lam Hiu-Tung & Tam Wai Ping, Lukas, both are art curators and artists, to present an exhibition -"Un Double". Without any help from other art curator, they personally direct and carry out the whole program. "Un Double" will be conducted by a discussion approach. Through dialogues, one can comprehend the relationship between art curator and artist. "Un Double" demands constructive direction and strategy; involves space for revolution and changing; emerges destruction and re-examines the left behind.

In fact, what is leading for today’s art exhibition? Which trend is on stage? Whether it is only based on the communication between art works and audiences? Or, only based on the artist’s thought and expression? Or, based on the art curator’s belief? How Tung & Lukas invent their exhibition and which program they prefer to progress? What identity will they be - art curator? Or artist? Obviously, different thought layouts different style and pattern of exhibition. More important, it is a significant attribute to the diversified creative world. All in all, the two artists would like to trace out all these views through dialogues and during the exhibition.

Lam Hiu-Tung obtained the Certificat d’Etudes d’Arts Plastiques (C.E.A.P.) at L’Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in France in 1993, obtained the Diplome National d’Arts Plastiques (D.N.A.P.) with "les felicitations du jury" at L’Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes in France in 1994, obtained the Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1999. Participated programs included "Space in Time in Hong Kong" for the program of Le French May’98, "Every ones’ Bleu, Blanc, Rouge" (1999), "Video Circle"(1999) and so on. Curated programs included One of 18 curators for the "Video Circle" for 《Hong Kong ‧Berlin" and "Berlin‧Hong Kong" Cultural Festival》(2000), 《Read‧Rhythm》(2000), 《Expectation To Expectation》(2001), 《Behind the eyeballs II》(2002) and so on.

Tam Wai Ping, Lukas obtained BA (Hon) in Fine Art, University of Reading, UK in 1991; obtained Postgraduate - distinction in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London, UK in 1995. He is a lecturer in the Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre recently. Participated programs included "London Biennial 1995", the 25th Hong Kong International Film Festival(2001), "Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (CFSFF)", France(2002), "Peng-hu International Earth Art Festival 2002", Taiwan and so on. Curated programs included "Four Corners"(2002).


Cattle Depot Book Fair 2003


Jul 23, 2003 - Jul 28, 2003
@1a space


​Please refer to Chinese version​


Video Cafe


Jul 31, 2003 - Aug 13, 2003
@1a space


Curator﹕ Lam Hiu Tung

Taste a Video, Taste a Coffee

Video becomes one of our common media today. With our own deliberation, we use video to record a wide spectrum our daily life. For many years, there must have tons of video record produced and around. But, how much time and opportunity we could watch and enjoy them?
Anyhow, whether these videos are brilliant works or just as same as the next-door products, they were produced under purposes and should have their privileges to be opened to public.

No doubt that competition encourages certain extends of creation. But, it will be all under one roof of standard and particular interest. In order to collect all creator’s visions, thoughts, expressions, opinions, and the liked, we breach out all the rules and look forward to collecting your products – your own genuine creative video works. In Taste a Video, Taste a Coffee, we provide opportunity and channel for producers to share their works and for audiences to select their interests. Together, they are encouraged to exchange their thoughts, comments and joys.

Absolutely, no winner or loser here! Through Taste a Video, Taste a Coffee, we hope to create a chance and a space for all interested parties to meet. We truly believe, whether it is a heartfelt smile, a sad scene, a gut feeling, or an initiative thought, it would be the most valuable reward for those producers.

Just like a cup of coffee, different person enjoys different taste. Never will there have the best coffee to serve all people!

A temporary Video Menu will be set up for all valuable video collections and the related materials. During the show, you are welcomed to select and watch your best choice. At 1aspace, just as another chat room, you are freely to exchange your personal point of views on anything regarding video. Coffee will be served to enhance your enjoyment.




Urban anxiety

Sep 05, 2003 - Sep 26, 2003

@1a space

“Urban Anxiety is informed by an ongoing creative dialogue between a number of contemporary Australian and European artists. The exhibition maps an urban diaspore of refuse, restlessness and displacement.” *



Antiseptic, Elastic, Semi Catatonic

Oct 11, 2003 - Oct 31, 2003
@1a space

Antiseptic, Elastic, Semi Catatonic

Participating Artist﹕ Erkka Nissinen 

Artist Statement

“When I came to Hong Kong I immediately wanted to start mass producing things. I didn’t know what but something. Through this contemplation I became particularly interested in today’s animation films and their side merchandise such as Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. The same strategy I’m going to use in this exhibition. It’s going to feature an animation that stylistically resembles box office hits of these Disney/Pixar products and also action figure toys and underwear collection as side merchandise line for the animation. Antiseptic, Elastic and Semi Catatonic are the main characters which I’m impersonating and animating for this up coming show."

A Finnish artist who has stayed in HK on and off, is going to have a one-man show at 1a space. The show is about his animated toy series.

When an artist’s work comprises various media like animation, painting, sculpture, and even action figures, it is always difficult to define his genre. Maybe it is Erkka’s diversified approach/style to "sell" his toy products.

When looking at his work, one is easily falling into the abyss of mystery and bizarre. And, one will try to look into the bits and pieces for clues to think.
He simply enjoys the process of production. Simulating toy manufacturers’ mode of production especially amazes him.

Does the desire for mass production echo with his living experience in a mechanical/automated society, such as HK? Erkka is putting his interest in animation and toy production into an artistic creation. Where is the boundary between high art and cliche artificiality? How has his reflection been?
The exhibition space is divided into a dark and a light zone. It may match well the polarity of this young Finnish artist’s “toys” - an ecstatic gimmick, a bizarre feature.


Tree . Man

Nov 08, 2003 - Nov 28, 2003

@1a space

Curator :  Choi Yan Chi and May Fung

Participating Artist﹕ DannyYung

The Past and The Present: Tree and Forest;
Still and Action: Individual and the Mass

Inspired by an experimental concept that had occupied Danny Yung for over ten years: “Digital Technology and Reading behavour”, he has at last merged all these elements and created the main theme of this exhibition.

The exhibition comprises two huge paintings (8 x 12 feet) conceptualized by Danny, appropriated from an ancient Chinese painting and an image from the July First rally respectively. They are blended by digital technology revolving around the subject matter of tree and man. “Tree”, in the Chinese painting, is a unit of “Forest”; Man is a unit of the July First rally. All these elements are re-explored in Danny’s digitalized paintings. Viewing these two paintings closely and from afar, one will perceive different visions macroscopically and microscopically in which a tree is so entwined with forest and an individual with the mass. It will give the viewer a whole new experience of seeing.

This show also features Danny’s artworks with photo documentations. In addition, several critics, writers and artists have been requested to write on his on his previous works that will bring insights to the readers about the relationships between an artist, his art works and the institutions. A publication will be issued to this effect during the exhibition period.

Two Dialogues: "The Cross-over of Media Arts" & "Arts and Civil Society", will be held in conjunction with the exhibition, are presented by 1a space in collaboration with International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)

Biography of Danny Yung
Danny Yung was born in Shanghai, China in 1943 and moved to Hong Kong with his family at the age of five. He studied Architecture at the University of California University, Berkeley, and completed his master degree on Urban Design and Urban Planning at Columbia University. In 1979, he returned to Hong Kong and held his first one-man cartoon exhibition. After which he became deeply involved in all aspects of the arts, including experimental films, cartoons, conceptual art, installation, video and performing arts. He formed the avant-garde arts collective Zuni Icosahedron in 1982 and he has been Artistic Director of Zuni since 1985.

Yung has been involved in over 100 theatrical productions as director, scriptwriter, producer and stage designer since 1982. His "Journey to the East" series, "Two or Three Things" series, "Hundred Years of Solitude" series and "Deep Structure of Chinese Culture" series were staged in many countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, England and the United States. His recent "Four Grand Inventions" was staged in Hong Kong and Berlin in 2000. In 2000, Yung organized an eleven weeks Festivals of Vision a cross-cultural festivals and conferences in Berlin and Hong Kong, which involves 1000 artists and cultural practitioners from some thirty-five cities in Asia and Europe.

Yung is also a keen advocate of new art forms. His experimental films, video work, and installation works have been shown at festivals in Berlin, London, Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York. His artwork is selected as one of the 56 Chinese visual artists for the Inside Out: New Chinese Art in 1999. His one-person show “Tree and Man” opens at 1A Space in 2003.

Since 1987, Yung has initiated a series of public forums on cultural policies on arts. In 1990, he organized the Cultural Policy Study Group that has since produced several influential reports, including In Search of Cultural Policy, 1991, and In Search of Cultural Policy, 1993. He has also founded two pressure groups to work on cultural policy issues. From 1997 onward, Yung has initiated several important arts network in Asia, among them, Asia Arts Net, Chinese City to City Cultural Forum, Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network.

In 1993, Yung was appointed by the Hong Kong Government as a founder member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) and was the first chairperson of its Arts Education Committee, which was involved with the formulation of Hong Kong’s arts policy. He was reappointed to the Council in 2000. In 2001, he co-organized the World Culture Forum, and became the vice-president in 2003. He is currently a part-time member of Central Policy Unit, a Hong Kong Government Think Tank. He has written extensively on arts, culture, and the media.




Dec 05, 2003 - Dec 24, 2003

@1a space

Participating Artists﹕ Mex Cheng and Cheung Lai

This is an exhibition about our visual experience on MOTION GRAPHIC.
This is also a framework of using frames – creating frames, combining frames, filtering frames. By displaying video images, digital images, special effects… are allowed to taste each frame, step by step. Going around the frames at a re-constructed space at 1a space, viewers might be more intimate to experience the designers’ sensitivity and be more critically look at their ‘design formula’ underneath.

Mex Cheng (motion graphic designer at National Geographic Channel, obtained her degree in graphic design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Cheung Lai (motion image designer at 華娛電視, obtained her degree in graphic design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

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